From: officeR at ubermorgen.com
Conc: Google Will Eat Itself - No. 4
Date: 23. Mai 2006 09:39:06 GMT+02:00

Dear GWEI Subscribers

It has been a long time since our last Newsletter. GWEI has experienced a lot of publicity, the number of Subscribers grew exponentially and we almost doubled our amount of owned shares (yeah, we will be almost a year faster ready for the big takeover, in a about 3 billion years...); here are the current stats:

Google Shares owned by GWEI: 75
Amount of USD: 27.638,52
Adsense-Clicks: 90.443
Adsense-Page Impressions: 3.744.835
Adsense-CTR: 2,41%
Current Google Share Price : 368.51 USD
Symbol: "GOOG"

Our next large scaled exhibition will be in Madrid, "Derivados - nuevas visiones financieras" Exhibition, togehter with artists such as Antonio Muntadas, Josh On, John Klima, Natalie Jeremijenko we will do a diagramatic overhead-projector installation.

The previous exhibition was at the ArtAndGallery, Milan where we showed a digital slide-show of the GWEI-documents: Milano

The new GWEI-Seal (2006, 210x210x6,5cm, Digitalprint on Canvas) will be exhibited in a UBERMORGEN.COM solo-show opening 14th of June 2006 at the Overgaden Contemporary Art Institute, Copenhagen (Denmark), http://www.overgaden.org




Media Coverage was fantastic, we have a in-depth feature Interview on
"springerin" - our favourite austrian art magazine:
E: Springerin
D: Springerin

and feature TV-Interviews on NDR and BR (both german television stations, further articles in Flash Art, ARTE, DE:BUG, Digicult, Neural Magazine, New York Art Magazine, Mazine, Index, Rhizome).

In October this year we will be in New York to present GWEI at the 10-year anniversary of Rhizome.org...

Preparations for the GTTP (Google to the People Ltd company) are underway, we will inform all GTTP-applicants within the next 2 months. If you are not yet registered to receive shares of the GTTP Ltd., you can do so by filling out the following form: http://www.gwei.org/pages/gttp/gttp.php

lets swallow further chunks of the GOOG-bastard...

best regards and lovely hugs from the team

UBERMORGEN.COM feat. Alessandro Ludovico vs. Paolo Cirio